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Metas e itens do Inverno chegando em FARMVILLE 2!!!


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Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 1: Fire It Up

Have 1 Fall Fire Pit Fall Fire Pit on your Farm. That’s good for warming things up! (skip 5)
Water 4 Trees Trees before all the water freezes. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. (skip 5)
Do 5 helpful actions Help Neighbors on your Neighbors’ farms and see how they’re preparing for the cold. (skip 6)
30 xp, 300 coins

Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 2: Stock Up Fur Winter

Collect 5 Winter Postcard Winter Postcard so I can tell all my guests to come back this Winter! (skip 10)
Feed 1 Adult Buffalo Adult Buffalo. We’ll need lots of fur to complete my preparations, so get as much as you can. (skip 6)
Fertilize 8 Pumpkin Pumpkin, and show that the cold weather won’t slow your farming down! (skip 5)
35 xp, 350 coins

Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 3: The Upper Crust

Harvest 16 Wheat Wheat; honestly, you need Wheat to bake just about anything. (skip 8)
Feed 6 Adult Chicken Adult Chicken, because fresh eggs make the best batter. (skip 10)
Make 4 Apple Scones or Heirloom Apple Scones Apple Scones, but don’t put them out to cool. (skip 12)
40 xp, 400 coins

Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 4: Thanks Furry Much!

Collect 5 Draft Stopper Draft Stopper to keep the cold wind at bay. (skip 10)
Feed 4 Adult Sheep Adult Sheep; wool is so warm, it’s a must-have! (skip 12)
Make 3 Heavy Fur Throw Heavy Fur Throw to keep guests warm at Barbara’s B&B. (skip 10)
—>>> Heavy Fur Throw needs Wool Bolt x2, Fur x6
45 xp, 450 coins

Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 5: Don’t Forget to Votive

Tend your Furnace Furnace 2 times to keep in practice. (skip 20)
Harvest 4 Olive Trees Olive Trees or Heirloom Olive Trees. (skip 5)
Make 3 Votive Candle Votive Candle to decorate the B&B in style. (skip 10)
—>>>Votive Candle needs Piece of Glass x3, Metal Sheet x1
50 xp, 550 coins

Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 6: Fast and Furry Us

Tend your Rabbit Warren Rabbit Warren 2 times for some fine rabbit wool. (skip 20)
Feed 4 Adult Buffalo Adult Buffalo to get all the fur you can manage. (skip 8)
Make 2 Soft Fur Blanket Soft Fur Blanket to keep guests warm at Barbara’s B&B. (skip 8)
—>>> Soft Fur Blanket needs Fur x10, Fine Rabbit Wool
70 xp, 650 coins

Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 7: Kind of Flaky

Collect 5 Snowflake Decorations Snowflake Decorations to make the B&B a winter wonderland! (skip 10)
Complete 4 Grocer Tasks Grocer Tasks for over-worked Cornelius. (skip 20)
Make 3 Wool Saddle Blanket Wool Saddle Blanket, to give a real country touch to Barbara’s B&B. (skip 10)
—>>>Wool Saddle Blanket needs Wool Padding x1, Golden Thread x1
90 xp, 900 coins

Farmville 2 Winter is Coming Quests 8: Horse Blanket Bingo

Tend your Sheep Shack Sheep Shack 2 times to get the Fine Sheep Fleece you’ll need. (skip 20)
Harvest 30 Blue Berry Blue Berry to make the most beautiful blue dye. (skip 12)
Make 4 Embroidered Horse Blanket Embroidered Horse Blanket; the best blanket! Warm, cozy, and totally FarmVille! (skip 14)
—>>>Embroidered Horse Blanket needs Blue Horse Blanket x1, Wool Thread Spindle x1
120 xp, 1100 coins

Fur can be obtained from Bison or Deer
Fine Rabbit Wool are obtained from Tending Prized Rabbit

To build a Fire Pit it will need the following materials like Kindling Piles, Limestone Bricks and Stone Hammers.
Farmville 2 Fall Bonfire

Farmville 2 Fall Bonfire

Once we completed building the Fall Bonfire we can now click it to see it’s menu:
Farmville 2 Light up the Night

Here are the list of recipes that we will be crafting in order to prepare for a Fall Bonfire:

Craft a Fall Bonfire 1 of 5:

Have Olive Oil x1
Have Lumber x2
Have Tinder x3
—>>> Tinder = Piece of Wood x6, Wax x2

Craft a Fall Bonfire 2 of 5:

Pumpkin PieHave Pumpkin Pie x3
Tomato SoupHave Tomato Soup x3
Vegetable KabobsHave Vegetable Kabobs x2

Craft a Fall Bonfire 3 of 5:

Milk Chocolate BarsHave Milk Chocolate Bars x1
—>>> Milk Chocolate Bars = Milk x6, Cocoa Powder x3
Marshmallow CandyHave Marshmallow Candy x3
Graham CrackersHave Graham Crackers x1

Craft a Fall Bonfire 4 of 5:

Leather JournalHave Leather Journal x3
Votive CandleHave Votive Candle x2
Vintage FlashlightHave Vintage Flashlight x2
—>>> Vintage Flashlight = Metal Sheet x2, Piece of Glass x3

Craft a Fall Bonfire 5 of 5:

Feather CharmHave Feather Charm x3
Bonfire BanjosHave Bonfire Banjos x1
—>>> Bonfire Banjos = Lumber x1, Wax Vampire Lips x2
Outdoor PillowsHave Outdoor Pillows x3
—>>> Outdoor Pillow = Wool Padding x1, Waterproofing Spray x3

Reminder: Some of these recipes are currently unreleased
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